About the Project

Toolset: Unreal Engine/Kismet
Concept: This was a mini-game prototype done the Unreal Engine using Kismet. Based upon games such as Pipe Dream, the player must create a continuous path from the source node to the end node by rotating pieces on a 7 by 7 grid. The flow is represented by a change in appearance and updates in real-time.

To provide maximum design flexibility and allow for the board to be reused across multiple potential puzzles, the solution is not hardcoded into the gameplay. Instead, the scripting simply checks for a continual path from start to end to determine if the puzzle has been solved. As a result, the source and end nodes can also be changed from puzzle to puzzle.

Key Features:

  • Supported open-ended solutions to puzzle
  • Scripted basic input handling and user feedback in Kismet
  • Developed Kismet-based data-driven flow gameplay mechanic
  • Built all 6 basic variations of pipes including T-shape and cross-shape