Splash You and Me Feathered

About the Game: This is You & Me

Studio: Super Fuzzy Studios
Role: Lead Content Designer, technical designer, scripter

Concept: This is You & Me is a third person action-adventure where the player uses the abilities of a boy and his imaginary companion to explore the fantastical woods he’s imagined behind his house to help recover his long lost teddy bear. Along the way, the duo must solve puzzles and ward off mischievous goblins intend on spoiling the adventure.

About My Role: Lead Content Designer

As a lead designer on a small team project such as This is You & Me, my work straddled the line between production, leadership, and general purpose troubleshooter. As part of the production and leadership team, I worked with the various leads to establish inter-disciplinary processes and translated those into practical design procedures while managing the schedule and resources for the other designers. As I believe in the power of experimentation and teamwork-creating-quality, in my troubleshooter role, I strove to enhance the team’s ability to create content and resolve issues before they could impact that ability.

Various contributions include:

  • Created game trailer and marketing screenshots
  • Directed level design process and documentation
  • Scripted self-constructing bridge in Matinee and Kismet
  • Supported design team with technical, scripting, and design direction
  • Managed external music contractor to produce all music tracks for the game
  • Prototyped distance-based desaturation post processing effect, UI/HUD, and dynamic reticule with informative popup

Additional Media