Destiny 2

About the Game: Destiny 2

Studio: Bungie, Inc.
Role: Designer, Open World & Live

Concept: Destiny 2 is an online-only multiplayer first-person shooter set one year after events in Destiny: Rise of Iron. Dominus Ghaul and his Red Legon, a powerful faction of the Cabal, have attacked the The Last City, stolen the Light that empowers the Guardians, and forced them to flee across the solar system. Players must journey across the system to discover new powers, reunite the scattered Guardians, and take back their home.

About My Role: Content Design

Destiny 2
As designer on Destiny 2, my work focused on designing and driving launch and post-launch content from conception to ship. I utilized technical acumen, design expertise, and a proprietary toolsets to develop entertaining content and craft rewarding open world experiences.
For the game launch, I was part of the public events team which focused on large announced public events and smaller unannounced silent events populating in the open world. Reprising previous public events to fit the Destiny 2 design and technical pillars and created new silent events for the open world formed one of the core design aspects of my role. I was additionally responsible for crafting the public event experience within various locations in the game.
In my post launch role as a live team designer, I provided open world and public event expertise and continued to expand my responsibilities as a designer to create brand new content across the whole game.
Additional information unavailable until game launch.