Game Developer’s Conference Game Narrative Review Competition
Three-Time Competition Winner For:
2012 Platinum Winner for Portal 2

2011 Gold Winner for Homefront

2010 Gold Winner for Mass Effect

Scott Rudi
Creative Director
Disney Interactive
“Stephen is one of the most talented young designers I’ve had the honor to manage. His work ethic is very strong and he has a great attention for detail. Stephen is up for any type of design task, from monetization to live events and from systems to content creation. He also has a great blend of creativity and technical know-how.
“On a personal side, Stephen is easy to get along with and a pleasure to talk to on non-work matters, very important in a dev environment where you’re working with people for more hours a day than you spend with your family..
“I look forward to working with Stephen again in the future!”

Robert Cannaday
Senior Network Engineer
Turtle Rock Studios
“Stephen was a delight to work with. His strong design sense helped guide several key systems in Firefall, and his technical chops implemented many as well. He offers many good ideas, and is open to criticism and feedback, making him easy to work with. I would love to work with Stephen again in the future.”

Jonathan Sova
World Designer
“Stephen is a talented developer who always enriches the team around him. In meetings, everything he says carries weight – not because of title or seniority but because he is always thinking of ways to improve the projects he works on. Any time I needed a sounding board for design ideas or another pair of eyes on a scripting problem, I felt 100% confident that talking to Stephen would improve my situation.”