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Thank you for your interest in my work as a designer and game developer. Currently, I am a designer at Bungie, Inc. helping to build the Destiny universe. With over 5 years experience as a developer, my blend of design expertise, technical capabilities, game development education, and a lifetime of esoteric knowledge allows me to take anything from concept to fun. I love integrating a multi-disciplinary and multi-subject approach into my work in order to create a final product that engages players in a deep and fulfilling way while sustaining the project with extensible content and content systems.

That challenge of design excites me and drives me to learn more about design and to better my skills. I have found hidden lessons about being a developer and designer in a wide array of experiences. Those lessons in turn give me surprising tools to utilize in my design work whether that is a specific piece of content or in a content system. And given the work that I have produced, my approach has translated into a proven record of the fun compelling content that I strive to create.

While studying game development and design at The Guildhall at SMU, I became a leader and mentor in my discipline. This is a role I continue into my professional career where I strengthen, support, and grow my team, designer and non-designer alike. Wherever I am, I have always become a trustworthy resource for design and general expertise by which to help others develop their own skills.

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Professional Experience

2016 to Present: Bungie, Inc.
Open World Designer
Developed open world launch and post-launch content for the Destiny universe in Destiny 2.
  • Create open world experiences through generic and bespoke encounters for the game world.
  • Own and develop encounters from concept to ship to fulfil project needs.
  • Partnered with art, FX, narrative, and other discipline specialists to polish content.
  • Collaborate with external product owners to achieve shared goals and balance content requirements.
  • Analyzed feedback and playtest results to drive iterative design and development.

2013 to 2016: Red 5 Studios
Content Designer/Associate Content Designer/Encounter Designer Consultant
Created content and provided technical expertise for Firefall including PvP, open world, and live events.
  • Scripted events and encounters including live event and open world content that have resulted in 98%+ of launch PCCU.
  • Provided game design and technical expertise to multiple features and strike teams.
  • Established the Live team for US game launch with responsibility for interviewing and assessing candidates, training new team members, and developing/maintaining technical libraries.
  • Developed games-as-a-service gameplay and technology including web-to-server live event management.
  • Spearheaded and developed several Lua-based modular frameworks to expedite content creation and to provide a technical backbone for gameplay and systems including the Bounty system.

2013: Super Fuzzy Studios
Lead Level Designer/Scripter
Directed design team for This is You and Me, with responsibility for establishing vision, providing technical R&D, and overseeing production.

2013: Freelance/Independent Design for Occupational Hazard
Level Designer/World Builder/System Designer/Scripter
Constructed level featuring new gameplay mechanics, visual composition techniques, and a director influencing gameplay events, enemies, and resources. Nominated by peers for honors.

2013: Freelance/Independent Design for High Stakes
Level Designer/World Builder/Scripter
Focused development on modular construction and visual-based player guidance.

2013: Super Fuzzy Studios
Lead Level Designer/Scripter
Directed design team for Nightmare, oversaw level creation and designed key cinematic and combat sequences.

2012: Freelance/Independent Design for Andromeda 3000
Developed scripts for gameplay additions, including a powerup/weapon system.

2012: Tyranadactyl Softworks
Lead Designer/Producer/Additional Contributions
Directed design team for Quetzal, earning nomination from peers as “Best Overall.”

2007 to 2008: THQ/Acro Service Corp.
Quality Assurance Tester
Developed and ran test scenarios and test scripts on 7 titles across multiple platforms.

2004 to 2006: Themis Group, City of Heroes on the Warcry Network
Community Manager/Site Manager
Maintained online community, moderated forums, and oversaw site content and content contributors.

Education & Training

Professional Certificate in Digital Game Development
Specialization in Level Design
The Guildhall at Southern Methodist University, Plano, Texas

Associate’s Degree in Visual Communications
Specialization in 3D Animation and Modeling
Katherine Gibbs School, Boston, MA

Software Engineering Courses, Rochester Institute of Technology

Game Development Courses, University of Advancing Technology

Technical Tools

C#/C+, Lua, Unreal Engine, Unreal Development Kit, Source SDK/Hammer I/O, GECK/TES Script, Unity, Torque Game Engine, Love2D, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe AfterEffects, AutoDesk 3D, Studio Max, AutoDesk Maya, Code2Flow, Google Sketchup, Mercurial, Tortoise SVN, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Visio, Audacity, XSplit